Retaining Walls

Treasured Earth builds retaining walls, steps and patios of all shapes and sizes using design techniques and materials that are perfectly suited to your property. Retaining walls and garden walls can be integrated with staircases, patios and planting areas to create an extraordinary effect on your outdoor spaces. We construct retaining systems throughout Southeast Michigan.

Boulders, Ledge Rock or Block Retaining Walls

Retaining walls look beautiful when built with natural stone or Michigan granite boulders. Options include ledge rock, limestone and many types of stacked flagstone. Steps can be one-piece cut stone, or for a more rustic look, we often use irregular stone outcroppings to build staircases.

Block, or segmental retaining systems, can be either non-reinforced or reinforced walls, depending on the height and the retaining requirements. In general, for walls over four feet, some sort of reinforcement is required to hold the wall and backfill in place. We use Fendt and Unilock products for optimum strength (and a unbelievable array of styles for you to choose from!)


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