How a Facelift Transformed This Tired Ann Arbor, MI Home

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Many agree that older homes built in post-World War II have a certain charm about them. Yet, if there have been various renovations throughout the years, a charming home may end up with confusing lines, near zero curb appeal, and mismatched exteriors.

Such was the case with this Ann Arbor, MI home. Treasured Earth Landscape Design Build was hired to improve the home’s exteriors as well as expand the outdoor space in front of the house.

How a Facelift Transformed This Tired Ann Arbor, MI Home - Blog - Treasured Earth Landscape Design & Build - Ann_Arbor_Before

The Problem:

This Ann Arbor, MI home was probably built in the 1950’s and had many exterior facelifts throughout the decades. Yet, these renovations ended up causing mass confusion when the homeowner had people over to his home. His guests didn’t know how to find the front door from the driveway.

Additionally, there were too many lines making the look even more confusing to the eye. The homeowner was tired of the house’s patchwork facade. Plus, he wanted to have an outdoor space where he could enjoy the surroundings while he unwound from his busy week.

The Solution

The design team from Treasured Earth Landscape Design Build took three weeks to evaluate the property, develop and finalize a design that would bring this home’s exterior look and its outdoor space together. And it took the building crew another three weeks to build the front entrance, courtyard, and install the plant materials.

The team had three challenges they encountered during the construction phase:

  1. Tearing apart the older construction – The crew had to use extra care when deconstructing the exterior because it’s an older home. Plus, they needed to save some of the older materials for the renovation.
  2. Making the new exterior products work – The crew had to reframe parts of the existing structure to shore it up for the new chimney stone.
  3. Working in the front yard’s tight spaces – The crew completed the front yard in phases due to its small size. They couldn’t get all of the materials delivered at once and still have room to work. Thus, they solved their problem by bringing in a compact excavator and staged the materials. These stages included:
  • Courtyard
  • Brick paver walk
  • Plant materials

How a Facelift Transformed This Tired Ann Arbor, MI Home - Blog - Treasured Earth Landscape Design & Build - Ann_Arbor_After_1

The design team reconfigured the driveway to the entryway by opening up the front entrance. The front entrance now has a bench and a paver walkway to the front door. The crew installed the paver walkway with brick using Unilock Brussels Block® that complements the courtyard’s natural stone. This transformation not only allowed more than one or two people to meet by the front entrance, but it also gave a consistent, rustic look.

The client travels a lot for business and didn’t want to spend endless hours maintaining his home’s exteriors. Thus, he chose low maintenance siding in neutral colors to free up his time as well as match the rest of the home. For his chimney, he chose Owen Corning Ledgestone in rustic tones to match the home’s natural look.

How a Facelift Transformed This Tired Ann Arbor, MI Home - Blog - Treasured Earth Landscape Design & Build - Ann_Arbor_After_2

The courtyard, off the right side of the entrance way, has a small café table with chairs used to enjoy the outdoor space. Treasured Earth Landscape Design Build used natural cut limestone and ledgestone to build the courtyard that measures at 8’ x 16’.

The front yard’s curb appeal reflects the natural surroundings of this Ann Arbor, MI home. It includes Michigan natives, shade-friendly plants, trees, and evergreens. There is minimal grass to reduce the need for mowing.

This Ann Arbor, MI home went from an outdated, tired look to a natural, modern look in under three months. Does your older MI home need renovating to make it more user friendly and appealing? Call us 248.380.8000 or fill out our contact form today to make your appointment.



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