6 Reasons Why You Need a Landscape Pro to Install Your Outdoor Lighting


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Do you want your home’s exteriors to light up like a masterpiece? If so, showcase your beautiful home and its exteriors with outdoor landscape lighting.

You want a return on investment with your landscape lights, right? Then hire a landscape company to design and install all of your outdoor lights. Here are six reasons why you need a landscape professional for your outdoor lighting project:

  1. You’ll get your landscape lights installed properly the first time: At Treasured Earth Landscape Design, we’ll help you decide on different lighting fixtures and their placement. We’ll marry outdoor lighting’s art form with the functionality of your landscape lighting system.
  2. Your professionally installed outdoor lighting system will last longer: Landscape professionals know how to install and troubleshoot outdoor lighting systems.
  3. A landscape company will know how to install outdoor lights without digging up your entire lawn and landscape: We place your low voltage cables underneath your mulch layer in landscape beds. If we need to trench to install wire, we’ll make a small incision about 6” deep.
  4. A landscape professional will allow your landscape lighting system to be added on in the future:  We use slightly larger transformers so homeowners can expand their system over the years. Our transformers have multiple circuits and voltages. And we install all landscape lighting fixtures with an extra loop of wire so you can adjust your lights’ location in the future.
  5. A landscape company can design lighting elements that will turn your exteriors into an art form: At Treasured Earth, we not only install lights, but we’ll use outdoor lighting techniques to highlight certain focal points, as well as create mood and atmosphere.
  6. A landscape professional will encourage you to invest in LED outdoor lights to save money and energy: We recommend LED landscape lighting because it has a longer life, helps you save money on energy bills and uses the newest technology. Eighty percent of our clients use LED landscape lighting.

Landscape LED Lights

Most folks are installing LED lights to their outdoor living space. Even though the upfront investment is more than traditional lights, you’ll end up saving money on your electric bills as well as these other benefits:

  • Saves you up to 75% in electricity savings
  • Doesn’t need any lightbulb replacement
  • Has a long lifespan—LEDs can last up to 40,000 hours or 15-18 years
  • LED systems use less copper wire, smaller transformers and have no bulb replacements compared to traditional landscape lighting systems
  • Won’t yellow or degrade
  • Comes in a wide variety of styles and colors
  • Uses high quality materials
  • Produces very little heat compared with traditional lights
  • Has consistent light output on all outdoor light fixtures
  • Is vibration- and water-proof
  • Doesn’t have delicate filaments that break easily when bumped
  • Takes only 1-2 days to install.

Treasured Earth Landscape Design Build

At Treasured Earth Landscape Design Build, we install landscape lighting in Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw and Livingston Counties in Michigan. We specialize in

  • Architectural lighting
  • Deck lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Patio lighting
  • Pool lighting.

We use the following outdoor lighting techniques to add drama and amazement to anyone who visits you or just drives by your home:

  • Accent – Is subtle and is used with other lighting techniques. It spreads light onto your favorite exterior objects.
  • Downlighting – Lights up your yard, patio and other outdoor living spaces with a more delicate light. The light is installed above, spreading light downward.
  • Grazing – Focuses on your home’s exterior, bathing its finish with light.
  • Path and walkway lighting – Guides your guests from one area of your outdoor living space to another.
  • Silhouette lighting – Spotlights from the back of an object onto a wall or flat surface creating shadows.
  • Spread lighting – Shows off your favorite ornamental grasses, ground cover, low shrubs and garden walkways with smooth lights.

If you live in southeastern MI and want to illuminate your property this year, call us at 248.380.8000 or fill out our contact form.



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